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Why You Need IC Governor Now

Organizations manage potentially hundreds of systems. In order to secure each system, IT must control user access with different levels of permissions. In a typical employee life-cycle process - hiring, role changes, resigning, permissions on every system need to be updated frequently. This is usually through a manual process.

IC Governor automates ineffective and inefficient manual tasks to improve employee productivity, and ensure security. It reduces the time required for audit preparation, in order to meet SLA and regulatory compliance requirements, which are ever-changing.

If your organization is not using an IAM tool today, you are very much at risk.

Be Efficient with IC Governor


IC Governor is built with the next-generation Access Review engine in mind. It is responsive, in terms of UX and backend remediation, and light-weight in architecture. IC Governor allows managers to peform user access reviews and remediation of excessive access.

IC Governor provides both identity management and governance and actively audits all activities in a centralized repository.


Are You At Risk?


IT departments often use spreadsheets to track users' permissions. Consequently, changes are missed, leaving a resigned employee gaining remote access to the network or email system. In other times, resulting in segregation of duties issues if an employee moves to a new department, but retains system privileges from the previous department

What's more, preparing for an external IT audit is an expensive and time-intensive process that usually exposes loopholes that require remediation.


There is a more secure, automated solution for you!


Essentially, IC Governor not only helps you save significant cost and time through automation, it is most valuable in its ability to mitigate risks and improve security.

When staff role changes, permissions are immediately and automatically updated, eliminating any exposure to systems. Misuse of dormant administrative accounts that are still active is prevented. System compromise through the use of vendor passwords that never expire will never happen.

You can be certain that you are meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

How It Works



We’ll partner with you to help define business requirements. We’ll conduct workshops with your application teams to identify their security concerns and automation requirements.



We will translate your business requirements and design solutions that will fulfil your needs. We might customize IC Governor if the default features are not tailored for your environment.



We will prepare the environment for initial synchronization, before performing production verification tests. We'll get your administrators and users trained prior to go live!


Benefits of IC Governor

Automated User Lifecycle Management
Audit & Security
Identify Orphan
& Dormant Accounts

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