Version 3.4


March 05, 2021

  • Bug fix for User Helper to rectify missing mobile device issue

  • Bug fix for Nullpointer exception when user device is deleted from user profile

  • Bug fix for Last-used-time not updated to user cache

  • Bug fix for Access Right drop-down list in Provisioning Role UI

  • Enhance UI to display loading feedback while the create and edit forms are initialising in Provisioning

  • Enhance UI to disable any action button while API is waiting for payload from backend

  • Refactor resource, controller and service layers for code standardisation

  • Refactor reports to improve loading time

  • Change log level for front-end payloads from INFO to DEBUG to reduce log size

  • Proof-of-concept for push notification for access request approval

Version 3.3


December 31, 2020

  • Support for SAP Connector in Admin Console++

  • Support for Scripted REST Connector in Admin Console++

  • Support for Scripted SSH Connector in Admin Console++

  • Support for Powershell Connector in Admin Console++

  • Support IC Governor Mobile device registration

  • Integration with IC Governor Mobile application for seamless user login

  • Support 2-way mappings when administrator creates a mapping linking Welle to external applications

  • Clearer indicators for roles with Access Request and 3rd-party Approver enabled

  • Enhance reporting format

  • Refactor APIs for consistent date-time format

  • Support Mobile and WeChat integration through secured proxy server

  • Support for Password Policy in Admin Console++

  • Support purging of IDM audit logs in Admin Console++

  • Support removal of orphan accounts in Manual Linking module

  • Improve access review user experience

  • Improve managers selection user experience

  • Improve mappings user experience in Admin Console++

  • Improve mobile login user experience

  • Improve custom attributes user experience

  • Show users in departments

  • Support for roles export & import functions

  • Support for Users without Managers report

  • Refactor attestation APIs for message localization

  • Refactor notification messages

  • Refactor codes using SonarQube

  • Official launch of IC Governor Mobile app on Apple Store and Google Play

  • Refactor unused JavaScript functions

  • Better integration with User Self-Service (USS)

  • Drop dependency on external logging library

  • Overhaul of attestation engine with job scheduler

  • Overhaul of Admin Console++ backend codes

  • Support for asynchronized mail delivery for better performance

  • Support for non-root installation

  • Standardised JSP file name format

  • Improve revoke and generate new key user experience

  • Resolved date format errors in DateHelper

  • Revamp of User Accounts & Roles report

  • Refactor connector service

  • Refactor audit log service

  • Bug fix for provisioning modules (applications & mappings)

  • Bug fix for user profile (removal of WeChat account)

  • Bug fix for missing User Self-Service (USS) API

  • Bug fix for WeChat Login

  • Bug fix for request access and approval notifications

  • Bug fix for repeated provisioning API calls

  • Bug fix for preview of selected users in scope filter when creating campaign

  • Bug fix for application logger

  • Bug fix for handling remediation upon reviewer’s sign-off

  • Extend database schema to support future social logins

  • Support for mobile push notification

  • Support for mobile login history

  • Support for social login registration and tracking (framework only)

  • Bug fix for repeated Provisioning API calls

  • Bug fix for Users in Scope

  • Disallow access request if user has no manager

  • Refactor authentication filter to discontinue use of deprecated methods

  • Refactor user cache to include mobile devices

  • Implement tooltips for Last Login and Last Used in mobile devices page

  • Implement remediation upon reviewer signed feature

  • Remove support for device information in backend IDM

  • Improve loading of QR code only if WeChat is enabled

  • Implement auto-closing of QR code after 15 polls

  • Bug fix for role discrepancy having single quote

  • Bug fix for duplicate calls in request tracking module

  • Refactor bulk loading module

  • Refactor resources and controllers to return same error responses

Version 3.2


April 30, 2020

  • New installation wizard for better administration experience

  • Support for Admin mode

  • New Admin View (Admin Console++) to replace OpenIDM Admin Console

  • Support for task notification via email

  • Support for user cache for better performance

  • Support for asynchronized campaign creation for better performance

  • Streamline user experience for campaign creation

  • Comment is required when a request is cancelled for better audit purpose

  • Allow reviewers to continue to have visibility over tasks that have been reassigned

  • Improved CSV bulk import process

  • Improved user experience for access approval process

  • Support access review by user and department, in addition to application

  • Show selected user count based on scope filter (application, user, department) when a campaign is created

  • Revamp create campaign UI for better user experience

  • Revamp bulk loading UI for better user experience

  • Revamp local storage implementation for better security

  • Integrate Maven build process with OWASP Dependency-Check

  • Support request approval via email

  • Support for Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 44, Microsoft Edge Chromium and Mozilla Firefox 77

  • Support for auto remediation

  • Enforce stronger roles restriction in Welle APIs

  • Support preview of selected users in scope filter when creating campaign

  • Support SMTP authentication

  • Revamp of Settings module for better navigation and configuration

  • Support department management in Admin mode

  • Support sending of SMS via Twilio

  • Support WeChat integration through proxy server

  • Support for application owner cache for better performance

  • Display user’s role in Welle distinctively upon log-in

  • Support stricter authorization for API calls

  • Support shared API keys for backend APIs

  • Support flexible Welle application context name

Version 3.1


December 06, 2019

  • Support for detection of role discrepancy and for managers to approve/reject

  • New Role Management module to manage the level of approvals required and to allow which departments to view the roles for request access

  • Support for capturing extra information from users during request access (e.g. MAC address when requesting for Wifi Access Role)

  • Support for change of password for individual target application

  • Richer user profile - able to show reporting manager, accounts & roles and able to link to social logins like WeChat

  • Integration with User Self-Service (USS) for change/reset passwords via email/SMS OTP

  • Integration with WeChat for seamless user login

Version 3.0


November 29, 2019

  • Task notification to alert users of action items upon log-in

  • Support 3 basic reports - User Accounts/Role Listing, Orphan Accounts, Access Review Results

  • Support API Key for external systems to connect to Welle

  • Revamp local storage implementation for better user experience

  • Support for SMTP authentication for outgoing mails

  • Support purge function to move old attestations to archive database for better performance

  • Restrict number of reassignments for attestation task

  • Further enhancement to attestation engine with extensive QA

  • Support for role cache for better performance

Version 2.9


November 04, 2019

  • Support for Web UI customization and custom attributes

  • Support for friendly application names

  • Improved user experience

  • Revamp of attestation engine with extensive QA

  • Code refactoring for core engine with extensive QA

Version 2.8


July 08, 2019

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 4

  • Included multiple bugfixes

Version 2.7


March 08, 2019

  • Support for custom UI pages for customers to change the look and feel of the different pages

  • Included many bugfixes

Version 2.6


February 21, 2019

  • New complex rule UI element added to the form to create new access review campaigns to allow selection of multiple users based on the specified conditions

Version 2.5


January 27, 2019

  • Administrators can now manually link orphan accounts to a single specified user

  • User’s Manager value can also be updated now

Version 2.4


January 23, 2019

  • Primarily code refactoring on UI and updates of Request related pages

Version 2.3


January 08, 2019

  • Localization is added

  • Supports different languages tags on the pages

Version 2.2


October 30, 2018

  • Updated User Management page and Bulk Loading page

  • Added Password Meter to the User Change Password page

  • Consolidation of UI related components

Version 2.1


October 10, 2018

  • New type of attestation added: Review by Applications

  • Many UI fixes

Version 2.0


September 03, 2018

  • First release of Attestation module

Previous releases

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